In 1958, Clinton Charles Guernsey (b.1920 – d.2009) had a simple dream to work in an environment where he could wear a suit and tie, instead of digging around in the filthy dregs of sewer pipes and muddy ditches. Since that time, his dream has transformed this company into what it is today - a thriving financial firm spanning over 60 years and four generations.


Clint served honorably in the Army’s 156th Infantry Regiment during World War II. His commitment to our country reflected in his commitment to responsible financial work in his community. That commitment of hard, honest work remains, to this day, a consistent foundation of the firm.

Meet The Team


Ed Guernsey


Mentors play an important role, not just in the stories we love, but in our everyday lives as well. They serve as coaches and teachers. They invest in our lives and want to see us grow to our full potential. Sometimes our mentors tell us things we may not want to hear. They help us discover our own humanity and challenge us to own it so we can truly grow.

We all need a teacher, someone who has walked the path before us and can show us the right way to go. Not everyone is qualified to be a mentor. There are plenty of people out there with opinions, but true mentors are a rare breed. A true mentor is someone who takes a genuine joy in helping others, who is equipped to help you in the way that you need, and who has your best interests at heart.

That's why we are so grateful to have Ed as a member of our team. He is the spark that started us on the path to becoming true coaches. He has a heart for people and a passion for helping others discover and reach their dreams. Thanks to him we are creating a legacy of joy and freedom, where we don't just leave something for people, but leave something in people.


Doug Guernsey


If you have spent any amount of time with Doug, you have probably heard someone greet him with "Hey, Coach!" Throughout his life, Doug has only ever wanted to help people. Whether it was volunteering at a children's cancer camp, serving as a youth pastor, or coaching high school sports, coaching has always been his love, his passion, his purpose. It was only natural that his professional career would fall in a similar vein as well.

Doug is a coach in every sense of the word. When Doug coaches, it's not about tips and tricks. It's about aligning our choices with our sense of who we are, what we stand for, and what we are committed to. It's about discovering our own true purpose, for life and for money. It's about having the discipline to see that purpose through.

Doug lives out his purpose in everything that he does. His love of coaching has not diminished over the years, rather it has only grown. In his mind, doing anything else was never an option.


Caleb Guernsey


If you are ever in need of a great big bear hug or a friendly face, Caleb is always ready with both! The depths of his love and compassion for everyone is astounding. He never meets a stranger and loves to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world to him...because they are.

Though he is the youngest member of our team, he brings us new and fresh ideas (as well as baked goods 😋). As the 4th generation to work in this business, Caleb has the unique opportunity to learn directly under his father and grandfather and to bring in his own unique perspective as well. Caleb's gifts of intentional listening and analytical mind make him a valuable asset to us.

As the protégé, Caleb is always looking to challenge himself because, in his mind, that is the only way to grow. Caleb joined the Matson Money Advanced Advisor program while still in college and is among their youngest graduates. He is also a self-taught baker, and he uses this skill to share his love with the people around him and make them feel like they are home.