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If you are ever in need of a great big bear hug or a friendly face, Caleb is always ready with both! The depths of his love and compassion for everyone is astounding. He never meets a stranger and loves to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world to him...because they are!

Though he is the youngest member of our team, he brings us new and fresh ideas (as well as baked goods). As the 4th generation to work in this business, Caleb has the unique opportunity to learn directly under his father and grandfather and to bring in his own unique perspective as well. Caleb's gifts of intentional listening and an analytical mind make him a valuable asset to our company.

As the protégé, Caleb is always looking to challenge himself because, in his mind, that is the only way to grow. He is a graduate of the Matson Method program at Matson Money, and is currently enrolled in their Master's Program, with plans to become a fully certified American Dream Leader. He is also a self-taught baker, and he uses this skill to share his love with the people around him.

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