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We are a multi-generational registered investment advisor company founded on the principals of our founding member, Clinton C. Guernsey (1920 – 2009). 



We have an elite team of passionate, world-class coaches powerfully leading and causing breakthrough experiences and results with families and their relationship with money.


How It All Started

In 1958, Clinton Charles Guernsey (b.1920 – d.2009) had a simple dream to work in an environment where he could wear a suit and tie, instead of digging around in the filthy dregs of sewer pipes and muddy ditches. Since that time, his dream has transformed this company into what it is today - a thriving financial firm spanning over 60 years and four generations.


Clint served honorably in the Army’s 156th Infantry Regiment during World War II. His commitment to our country reflected in his commitment to responsible financial work in his community. That commitment of hard, honest work remains, to this day, a consistent foundation of the firm.

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