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If you have spent any amount of time with Doug, you have probably heard someone greet him with "Hey, Coach!" Throughout his life, Doug has only ever wanted to help people. Whether it was volunteering at a children's cancer camp, serving as a youth pastor, or coaching high school sports, coaching has always been his love, his passion, his purpose. It was only natural that his professional career would fall in a similar vein as well.

Doug is a coach in every sense of the word. When Doug coaches, it's not about tips and tricks. It's about aligning our choices with our sense of who we are, what we stand for, and what we are committed to. It's about discovering our own true purpose, for life and for money. It's about having the discipline to see that purpose through.

Doug lives out his purpose in everything that he does. His love of coaching has not diminished over the years, rather it has only grown. In his mind, doing anything else was never an option.

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