An Old-Fashioned Christmas

How I miss that old-fashioned Christmas!

One of my most favorite songs of the Christmas season is An Old-Fashioned Christmas performed by The Carpenters. Go ahead and click the link above to listen to the song. I know you want to. I'll wait......

If you are like Sherri and me you spend a lot of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas preparing for this one special day. Shopping for gifts, decorating the house, preparing the menu, shopping for more gifts, sending out the Christmas cards, taste-testing the desserts, taking the kids to see Santa Claus, attending holiday parties and Christmas Eve services, and shopping for last minute gifts hoping that Amazon Prime doesn't crash. AAAARGH!!!

And then this song brings me back around.

It used to be that all the family would gather for this one night. It used to be that special feeling shared together knowing Christmas

was here one night a year.

Carols being sung on the radio; the warm glow of Christmas lights on the tree; Granddad reading the Christmas Story from the gospel of Luke; the laughter of children; warm hugs; a soft flowing tear as our thoughts turn to those no longer with us followed by laughter as we peruse photographs of Christmas eves of old. Get caught up in the nostalgia of the season!

How I miss that old-fashioned Christmas.

Memories that last through the years. Call me sentimental, don't mind if you do.

I send an old-fashioned Christmas to you!

Wherever you may be and whatever your traditions are, from our family to yours, we wish you an old-fashioned Merry Christmas!


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